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by admin, October 1, 2018, Tips

The Importance of Hidden Damage

Discovering hidden damage after your auto has been involved in a car accident is an art. The spots and defects that are visible can easily be found by most, but areas of damage or broken bumper seals need to be found by an expert. Damage may not be visible to your eyes but a trained professional can find it easily. Some automatic laser components are also used to find hidden damage after collisions. The most important thing in a car is its frame. Even a minor collision can affect your car’s frame.

How Frames React to Collisions

The frame of your car is imperative to its safety. If you met with an accident or even a minor rear-end collision, it affects the frame or changes your vehicle’s alignment and air bag deployment etc. The frame of your car can be damaged in the following two ways:

Direct Damage

Direct damage appears at the location of impact. For instance, as you might expect, in a rear-end collision the rear-most sections of your vehicle frame may be damaged.

Indirect Damage

Indirect damage is a type of damage not visible at the site of impact. In a rear-end collision, for example, the frame and body of your vehicle appears perfect at the site of impact; however, the indirect damage to the body and frame of the car appears away from the area of impact. You should view indirect damage as the accident’s “ripple effect” through your vehicle.

The Ripple Effect

Since most “ripple effect” damage happens far from the point of impact, a vehicle that visually appears to be fully repaired can still have a significant amount of damage to the frame.

Your automobile’s frame is designed to protect you in case of an accident and it’s the foundation that your car is built on. A damaged frame will definitely affect the integrity of your entire vehicle. The frame is the center reference point that controls and activates a host of electronic and operational systems that affect not only the vehicle’s drivability but how it will react in a subsequent collision.

Repairing frame damage after a collision can be a complicated process. It is important to take your vehicle to a reputable collision repair shop equipped with certified technicians that can get your repair done accurately.

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