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by admin, October 2, 2018, Tips

Stay Sharp On the State’s Roadways To Avoid Wildlife Collisions

Seeing wildlife in its natural habitat is a thrill for many, but not for the driver that collides with an animal on the state’s roadways.

Over the past ten years, the Colorado Department of Transportation has seen an average of 3,300 reported wildlife hits each year. These encounters rank as the third leading cause of crashes, according to transportation studies. Many of these accidents occur at dusk and dawn when visibility is low and the animals are most active, though drivers should keep their eyes wide open anytime of the day.

As the weather cools and the sun begins to set sooner, your Blue Ribbon Auto Body team wants to remind drivers to be alert behind the wheel. Here are a few tips to remember before you hit the road:

  • Slow down to give yourself time to react and reduce your chances of colliding with an animal.
  • Remember that fall is typically mating and migration season for animals so they are on the move, more likely to be distracted and more likely to cross roads. Pay special attention during dusk and dawn because that’s when wildlife is most active.
  • Pay attention to any posted wildlife crossing signs and eliminate distractions as you drive.
  • Set your sights on the road ahead of you, looking for movement or the glow of eyes. If you see an animal, slow down and look for others because animals often travel in groups. If you see one, chances are good others are close by.

If you see an animal, brake but maintain control of your vehicle in your lane. If all your caution fails and you hit an animal, slowly steer your way to a safe location off the roadside when you can.

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